I don’t intend to make a habit of being introspective but I’ve completed my first year of tree blogging and now seemed a good opportunity to celebrate.

I’ve written more than 100 posts and just passed receiving my 10,000th page view.

Recent visitors to GabrielHemery.com
Recent visitors to GabrielHemery.com

Topics I’ve featured, celebrating all things sylvan, have ranged from chickens to climate change, parrots to pruning, and guns to government.

Principle among major topics I covered was, unsurprisingly, the UK Government’s prematurely aborted plans to dispose of the Public Forest Estate in England during the winter of 2010/11.  One of the most popular posts on this topic was titled Slow-growing trees, fast-changing policies.  My comments on the subject attracted a lot of media interest.

I published a sequence of extracts from the diary of my Walnut seed-collecting expedition to Kyrgyzstan.

Recently I was delighted to receive so much support from readers for my part in the inaugural Ride for Research, to raise funds for research into Acute Oak Decline.

I gain pleasure in writing and in sharing knowledge, ideas and thoughts with others.  Thanks to all my readers for their support and interest.  Here’s to another year …

Gabriel Hemery


  1. Keep up the good work! Some excellent posts over the past few months, especially on the Public Forest Estate debate. Always keep an eye out for your posts on Twitter.

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