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BBC Newsnight interview Jan11
Gabriel Hemery being interviewed in Hainault Forest for BBC Newsnight – January 2011


2017  Launch of the Charter for Trees, Woods and People: live from Lincoln Cathedral. BBC Breakfast.  6th November.

Gabriel Hemery and BBC Countryfile presenter Anita Rani
Gabriel Hemery and BBC Countryfile presenter Anita Rani

2015    Woodland, BBC Countryfile programme. BBC TV Countryfile. April 19th.

2012    Ash dieback Chalara fraxinea live broadcasts and recorded item. Sky News. November 9th.

2012    Ash dieback Chalara fraxinea Eco Audit. The Guardian. November 7th.

2011    OneOak project.  BBC TV Oxford News.  January 31st.

2011    Government’s plans to sell off public forests BBC TV Newsnight.  January 26th.

2010    OneOak project Country Channel and Sky 171.  April.

2010    OneOak project.  BBC TV South.  January 20th.


2023 Talking trees with Lauren Laverne. BBC Radio 6 Music. 27th November.

2020 British Woodlands Survey. BBC Radio 4, Farming Today. 1st October.

2017   Future Forests. BBC Radio 4, Costing the Earth. 23rd May.

2017   Community Orchards. BBC Radio Oxford. 22nd March.

2016   Ash tree health and people power. BBC World Service. 16th May.

2015    British Woodlands SurveyBBC Radio 4, Farming Today. 11th September.

Gabriel Hemery being interviewed for BBC Radio 4 Farming Today, 11 September 2015
Gabriel Hemery being interviewed for BBC Radio 4 Farming Today, 11 September 2015

2014    War and Remembrance.  BBC Radio 3. July 1st.

2014    The New Sylva.  BBC Radio 4, Farming Today. April 11th.

2012    Reviewing the papers. BBC Radio Oxford. September 30th.

2011    Guest Interview.  BBC Radio Oxford.  May 8th.

2011    Guest Interview.  BBC Radio Oxford.  February 20th.

2011   Public Forest Estate sale proposals. Deutsche Welle, German international radio. February 17th.

2011    OneOak project.  BBC Radio Oxford. January 31st.

2010    Guest Interview.  BBC Radio Oxford.  November 21st.

2010    OneOak project.  BBC Radio Oxford.  January 20th.

2003    Poultry In Natural Environments. BBC Radio 4, Open Country.   April.

2002    Walnut researchBBC Radio 4, Open Country. March.

2002    Walnut research in the National Forest.  BBC Radio Leicester.

2002    Walnut research at the Northmoor Trust. BBC Radio Oxford.

Newspaper interest

2019 Brave botanist who fell off the edge of the world. The Daily Mail. 3rd May.

2017  Giant wood sculpture unveiled to mark creation of charter for trees. Oxford Times. 22nd November.

2016  Scientists use people power to find disease-resistance ash trees. The Observer. May 15th.

2012   Planting trees now will return England to forest cover of Domesday. The Telegraph, January 11th.

2011   Chef Raymond Blanc gives salmon dish historic flavourOxford Times, April 3.

2011    Selling off the forestOxford Times, February 3.

2011    Oxfordshire’s children celebrate life of a mighty oakOxford Mail, February 1.

2010    Oak is down but not out.  Oxford Times, Weekend. April 22nd.

2009    A mighty oak that will fall. Oxford Times.  5th November.

2009    Home-grown woodOxford Times, 15th October.

2009    David Hockney’s chopped-down woodland will soon be replantedThe Guardian, April 1st.

2005    Britain’s bluebells are spreading nicely. The Independent.

2002    Woodman, grow that tree. The Daily Telegraph, February 16th.

2002    Walnut trees try to set up an English branch. Independent on Sunday, September 15th.

1998    Nuts about walnuts.  Oxford Times, Country Matters.  December 18th.

Magazine articles (written by journalists)

2010    One oak has many uses. Country Life, 20 January 2010, p.33.

2010    Growing wood from the trees. British Woodworking, Feb/Mar 2010.  p.68-71.

2005    Down to the woods – farming system that marries poultry and forestry. Country Smallholding, May.

2003    Sowing the seeds. Traditional Woodworking, January 2003, pp. 30-32, 34. 2002    A new walnut forest in Britain. The Countryman, February 2002, Vol., 108, No. 2.