Tall Trees Short Stories Vol21 by Gabriel Hemery

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Tall Trees Short Stories Vol21 paperback

Tall Trees Short Stories: Volume 21 by Gabriel Hemery

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Tall Trees Short Stories: Volume 21 is a collection of 18 extraordinary multi-genre tales exploring our relationship with trees and the natural world. Following the success of the first collection (Vol.20), this second volume of short stories by celebrated tree author Gabriel Hemery, gifts us a rare view of nature. Whether from the heady heights of love or from the perspective of an intergalactic being, the book offers glimpses into the past, quirky perspectives of the present, and believable futures, which will take root in all readers.

Formats:   ebook, paperback

Size:         129x198mm (5.06×7.81in)

Extent:      226pp

ISBNs:       9781916336230 (paperback) | 9781916336223 (ebook)

Genres:     literary fiction, short stories, nature

Publisher:  Wood Wide Works

RRP (UK):   £10.99 (paperback) | £3.99 (ebook)

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