I am involved in a research horizon scanning exercise exploring factors that might affect UK forestry over the next 50 years and I’m inviting anyone with a view to get involved.

I’ve created a simple interactive poll with poll.ly which allows you to upvote answers by me or other contributors.

My intention is to assimilate the answers to this poll with my own ideas and to use these as part of the process with fellow researchers. No contributions will be directly linked to a named contributor. You can choose to use your real name or an alias.

Please consider this question in terms of environmental, social, and economic issues.

What factors do you think will most affect woodland management in the UK over the next 50 years? 

If the above embedded content does not work for you, please click here to go to the poll.

Thank you for taking part.

What future for UK woodland management?
What future for UK woodland management?

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