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‘Overflowing with literary invention, scientific detail and philosophy.’ Living Woods Magazine

‘A wonderful book that explores the natural world, the cycle of life and our relationship with trees and wildlife.’ 
The Tree Council

‘twenty-five stories that will challenge everything you thought was possible about nature writing.’ 
Half-man Half-Book, Independent Book Reviewer

‘[Gabriel Hemery uses] an amusing and often quirky angle to examine more serious issues’ 
Living Woods

‘so enthralling . . . some may make you cry, others will raise a smile’ 
Marie Shallcross

Let your imagination grow and prepare for a thrilling silvan adventure in this remarkable multi-genre collection of tree stories. Look out for love and loss, brace for dystopia and utopia, and jump forwards and backwards in time, but beware as you follow the path through the dark forest, nature can have a sting in its tale. Tall Trees Short Stories Vol.20 is a collection of 25 extraordinary tales exploring the natural world and our relationship with trees, written by environmentalist and celebrated tree author Gabriel Hemery.

Formats:    audiobook, ebook, paperback

Size:         129x198mm (5.06×7.81in)

Extent:      264pp

ISBNs:       9781916336216 (paperback) | 9781916336209 (ebook)

Genres:     literary fiction, short stories, nature

Publisher:  Wood Wide Works

RRP (UK):         £10.99 (paperback) | £3.99 (ebook) | £16.00 or free with subscription with Audible (audiobook)

The Stories

The Tree Commandments
Eye to Eye
Memoirs of a Bonsai
DED Zone
The Woodcutter’s Axe
The Martin Tree
For All Time
Forbidden Forest
The Naturator’s Apprentice
The Great Forest Heist
Une Petite Nature
The Root of All Evil
You People
A Tree Shanty
A Letter
Rise Up
The Ruler and the Author
Heart of the Matter
The Man Who Harvested Trees (And Gifted Life)
The Forester’s Song
Philosophy is Forestry’s Child
In a Word

Tall Trees Short Stories Vol20 audiobook
Tall Trees Short Stories Vol20 audiobook – click to purchase from Audible
An extract of The Great Forest Heist, a tale from Tall Trees Short Stories Vol20. Available to purchase from Audible.

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