Tall Trees Short Stories Vol.20

My next book is a collection of short stories: TALL TREES SHORT STORIES Vol20 will be published on 30th June 2020. It will be available as an ebook from the four major providers (Amazon, Apple, Google, and Kobo), plus as a paperback from all good bookshops (online and local).

Prepare for a thrilling silvan adventure. Step forward through a beautifully variegated landscape of contrasting views, allowing time to linger among glades of many diverse genres. Look out for love and loss, brace for dystopia and utopia, and jump forward and backwards in time, but beware as you stoop under the low boughs and enter the dark forest, things might not be as they first appear.

📖 20+ stories
📖 Released 30 June 2020
📖 Paperback and ebook

Tall Trees Short Stories Vol20, Gabriel Hemery

Tall Trees Short Stories: Volume 20 by Gabriel Hemery.
Coming June 2020 – paperback and ebook.

Pre-order here

Check back here from 30th June 2020 to purchase your copy or you can pre-order your copy here (Amazon-only at present, more to come).

Some of the stories in the volume will have been shared directly with my readers because during 2020 I’m releasing one story every month to my readers. Sign up to my newsletter and receive a story every month, for free, during the year.

Next Short Story (Feb 2020):

Memoirs of a Bonsai, from Tall Trees Short Stories by Gabriel Hemery
Memoirs of a Bonsai, from Tall Trees Short Stories by Gabriel Hemery

Short Stories shared so far:

These are the stories shared to date with my readers. Sign up this month to receive one of these, and a new one every month during 2020.

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