I am working on a major series of three guide books – The Forest Guides. The project will take several years to complete, involving separate guidebooks to Scotland, Wales and England. All of the books will be published by Bloomsbury Wildlife. The first in the series, Scotland, was published in spring 2023.

The Forest Guide by Gabriel Hemery

I am relying on the goodwill of the public, including owners of woodland sites, to help by getting involved. Find out more on The Forest Guide pages.

Do you have a favourite wood near you that could suggest for inclusion?

Are you the proud owner of a copse or forest and would like to register it as an entry?

Would you consider supporting the development of the books by becoming a book patron? You can also gift a book patronage to someone else as a unique gift. All Patrons and Supporters are listed in the book(s).

Find out more about The Forest Guide

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