I’m a semi-professional photographer specialising in tree, forest and landscape photography, working under the name of The Tree Photographer.

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Commissions and Licensing

I also sell prints and license images for commercial use, and occasionally undertake commission work for clients.  If you have seen an image that you are interested in, for example in my 500px gallery, or wish to discuss working with me, then please contact me. I am a member of the Association of Photographers (AOP) and I base my initial pricing for work on average commercial rates provided by the AOP.

About my Tree Photography

My images have been selected for various competitions, exhibitions, publications, and products including:

You can read blog posts about my tree photography.  I also share many of my images on 500px at www.500px.com/thetreephotographer.


I shoot in micro four thirds format using Panasonic Lumix photography equipment. The small form of this format means it’s possible to carry a camera body and several lenses on a long trek, along with other hiking gear.

I always capture in RAW format and post-process my images using Adobe Lightroom.


I’m often asked what cameras, lenses and accessories I use. The following is a summary of the equipment that I’ve been using in the last few years.


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Lenses (x2 to compare with 35mm format):

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Billingham Hadley Pro
Billingham Hadley Pro – available from Wex Photo Video