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Selected publications

Hill, L, Jones, G, Atkinson, N, Hector, A, Hemery, G, and Brown, N. 2019. “The £15 billion cost of ash dieback in Britain.” Current Biology, 29 (9), R315-R316, May 6.

Hill, L, G Hemery, A Hector, and N Brown. 2019. “Maintaining Ecosystem Properties after Loss of Ash in Great Britain.” Journal of Applied Ecology 56 (2): 282–93.

Hemery, G, G Petrokofsky, B Ambrose-Oji, D Edwards, L O’Brien, C Tansey, and M Townsend. 2018. “Shaping the Future of Forestry: Report of the British Woodlands Survey 2017.” Sylva Foundation.

Pollegioni, P, K Woeste, F Chiocchini, S Del Lungo, M Ciolfi, I Olimpieri, V Tortolano, et al. 2017. “Rethinking the History of Common Walnut (Juglans Regia L.) in Europe: Its Origins and Human Interactions.” PLOS ONE 12 (3):e0172541.

Hemery, G, G Petrokofsky, B Ambrose-Oji, G Atkinson, M Broadmeadow, D Edwards, C Harrison, et al. 2015. “Awareness, Action and Aspiration among Britain’s Forestry Community Relating to Environmental Change: Report of the British Woodlands Survey 2015.  32pp.” Sylva Foundation.

Hemery, G E, JR Clark, E Aldinger, H Claessens, ME Malvolti, E O’Connor, Y Raftoynnis, PS Savill, and R Brus. 2010. “Growing Scattered Broadleaved Tree Species in Europe in a Changing Climate: A Review of Risks and Opportunities.” Forestry 83 (1):65–81.


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Zotero bibliography for Gabriel Hemery

I use Zotero to manage my research publications (and highly recommend it as a cloud-based program). Zotero is a free and open-source reference management software which manages bibliographic data and related research materials. Below you will find a complete bibliography of all my research and forestry-related publications.