This form is designed to collect registrations of copses, woods, and forests directly by their owners or managers for inclusion in The Forest Guide.

The majority of Britain’s tens of thousands of copses, woods, and forests are owned by private landowners, not by public bodies such as the Forestry Commission (England), Forestry and Land Scotland, or Natural Resources Wales. Every site is an expression of the vision and hard work of these private owners, providing wonderful benefits to society and nature for little private gain other than enjoyment.

If you are a private forest owner, please use the form below to register your entry (members of the public should use this form instead). Any data submitted will be managed in fulfilment of the General Data Protection Regulations by the author. Personal data will NOT be made available publicly or in any form to any third party (i.e. such as any sponsor) without the express agreement of the contributor. Read my Privacy Policy.