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GREEN GOLD: the lost journals of John Jeffrey

Green Gold

Green Gold: the lost journals of John Jeffrey is my latest book, to be published with Unbound. You can become a book patron and pledge your support. The name of every patron (or giftee) will be listed in the book, and a range of tempting ‘rewards’ are also available. Hurry to secure your patronage before book editing is completed later in 2018.

The New Sylva book

The New Sylva

A detailed and sumptuous celebration of trees and forests, by authors Gabriel Hemery and Sarah Simblet. Published by Bloomsbury in 2014, its 400 pages feature more than 100 tree species, accompanied by 200 specially commissioned pen and ink drawings.

The Man Who Harvested Trees and Gifted LifeThe Man Who Harvested Trees and Gifted Life

The Man Who Harvested Trees

A remarkable true story sows a seed in a young girl’s mind which grows into a lifelong relationship with a forest and its trees, yet she develops an affinity richer than she could ever have imagined. The Man Who Harvested Trees And Gifted Life is a sequel to Jean Giono’s much-loved 1954 classic, The Man Who Planted Trees And Grew Happiness, and a compelling short story in its own right.

Arboreal: a collection of new woodland writing. Little Toller Books. 2016.


Bringing together the finest, and best-known, names in contemporary writing, Arboreal is an anthology which explores the many strands of what woodlands mean to us. Published October 2016.

More about my book writing

My interest in writing books germinated while working on technical and academic publications. I’ve written more than 80 such papers (see specialist publications) and while these can influence real-life policy and practice, they have limited readership. I wanted to reach out to more people and celebrate the wonders of trees and forestry, hence writing a blog.

My first book, The New Sylva, was published by Bloomsbury in April 2014. Thanks to the stunning drawings by my co-author Sarah Simblet, together with fantastic production quality, the book has been well-received and has reached a wide audience. It was released originally in the UK, and later by Bloomsbury USA. It is soon to be translated into Chinese.

I’m currently on a journey of self-discovery, enjoying writing fiction which brings a new dimension to celebrating my love of trees and passion for forestry. I released two short stories in 2016: Don’t Look Back in the Arboreal anthology (Little Toller Books) and, as a standalone book, The Man Who Harvested Trees and Gifted Life.

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