Gabriel Hemery is a tree and nature writer with several titles, both fiction and non-fiction, including the award-winning book The New Sylva and best selling Tree Almanac.

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The Tree Almanac 2024
The Forest Guide: Scotland
The New Sylva

In Press:
The Tree Almanac 2025 (summer 2024)
The Forest Guide: Wales (February 2025)

In Development:
The Forest Guide: England (February 2026)


The Wolf, The Walnut and The Woodsman
Tall Trees Short Stories: Volume 21
Tall Trees Short Stories: Volume 20
Green Gold

Also Featured in:
Stories of Trees, Woods, and the Forest


Blough: an anthology of tree and nature poems

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Books by Gabriel Hemery


“Gabriel Hemery’s text is a precise, fascinating, fluent, wide-ranging and hard-headed synthesis: an excellent popular introduction to tree biology and forestry. But the book is more than that . . . Hemery is out to celebrate and inspire passion and love…” 

Caspar Henderson, Resurgence & Ecologist (The New Sylva)
The Tree Almanac 2025 by Dr Gabriel Hemery

The Tree Almanac 2025

The new 2025 edition of the best-selling book The Tree AlmanacContinue Reading

The Forest Guide: Wales by Gabriel Hemery is published by Bloomsbury in 2025

The Forest Guide: Wales

A guide to exploring 325 of Wales’s most scenic, wildlife-rich and historically significant woodlands. Coming spring 2025.Continue Reading

The Tree Almanac 2024 by Dr Gabriel Hemery

The Tree Almanac 2024

A wondrous seasonal journey through Britain and Ireland’s trees.

Uncover the majesty and minutiae of the arboreal world in forest scientist Dr Gabriel Hemery’s illustrated month-by-month guide – including tree folklore and traditions, recipes and crafts, key dates, curiosities to spot, notes on wildlife and scientific marvels from the trees that surround us.

Foreword by Tracy Chevalier: “A seductive mix of science, history and culture.”Continue Reading

The Forest Guide Scotland by Gabriel Hemery

The Forest Guide: Scotland

A guide to exploring 365 of Scotland’s most scenic, wildlife-rich and historically significant woodlands. From the precious fragments of Caledonian pine forest to lesser-known wildwoods and urban copses, Scottish woodlands offer places of sanctuary, both for wildlife and for people.

“an engaging and comprehensive route map to enjoying Scottish woodlands” — Trees for Life

The Forest Guide Scotland is the first of a three-book series which will eventually provide a unique and comprehensive guide to more than 1000 forest sites across Britain.
Published by Bloomsbury.Continue Reading

The New Sylva 2021

The New Sylva

A detailed and sumptuous celebration of trees and forests. Now available in two editions: the original (now ‘deluxe’) edition with the red spine (currently out of print), and a slightly smaller format edition with a blue spine. Also translated into Chinese.

‘Beautiful, useful and inspirational.’ BBC Wildlife, Book of the Month

‘A magisterial work that combines art and history with science.’ The Countryman

‘We dig this … a book that proclaims its virtues with quiet dignity.’ Sunday Times

An excellent successor to Sylva, well written and full of interesting information.’ Oliver Rackham, Spectator

‘Exquisite.’ BBC Countrylife

‘Gorgeous, precious and important.’ Resurgence & EcologistContinue Reading


‘Overflowing with literary invention, scientific detail and philosophy.’

Living Woods Magazine (TALL TREES SHORT STORIES VOL20)
Blough by Gabriel Hemery

Blough: an anthology of tree and nature poems

A special anthology of tree and nature poems by Gabriel Hemery, featuring writing selected from published books, social media, and public performances, together with many new pieces published for the first time. From an epic poem, to a ten-word short story, this collection of 30 titles will delight anyone passionate about the natural world and awed by the power of the written word.Continue Reading

The Wolf, The Walnut and The Woodsman

The Wolf, The Walnut and The Woodsman

Codrina, the greatest mortal of all time, was born a humble woodsman’s daughter. Pursued by the ultimate darkness, the young girl is powerless, except for her budding green talent. This is a story of her struggle against evil as she befriends a great wolf, undertakes a perilous journey, and learns to harness the power of nature. Once buried in ancient scriptures, this brave retelling reveals the truths behind the creation of our most celebrated legend.Continue Reading

Tall Trees Short Stories Vol21 by Gabriel Hemery

Tall Trees Short Stories Vol.21

A collection of 18 extraordinary multi-genre tales exploring our relationship with the natural world.

‘Hemery has the scientist’s eye for detail and the writer’s ear for words.’ Living Woods

‘A captivating collection of tree tales – even better than the last anthology, if that were possible!’ Goodreads review

This is an intriguing collection of stories … I recommend this book, both for tree-lovers and for anyone who appreciates a quirky collection of tales. Robin Walter, Author.

‘A delightfully eclectic collection of stories’. Goodreads review
⭐⭐⭐⭐Continue Reading

Tall Trees Short Stories by Gabriel Hemery

Tall Trees Short Stories Vol.20

A collection of 25 extraordinary tales exploring the natural world and our relationship with trees.

‘Overflowing with literary invention, scientific detail and philosophy.’ Living Woods Magazine

‘A captivating, moving and thought-provoking collection that will appeal to readers of all ages and genres from fairy tale to science fiction.’ Goodreads review

‘A wonderful book that explores the natural world, the cycle of life and our relationship with trees and wildlife.’ The Tree Council

‘I recommend this book: those who love trees will see them in several new lights; those who like stories will find a rich array of narratives.’ Goodreads review
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Continue Reading

Green Gold: The Epic True Story of Victorian Plant Hunter John Jeffrey by Gabriel Hemery

Green Gold

A fictional biography, based on the epic true story of a Victorian plant hunter.

‘Beguiling . . . fascinating.’ Daily Mail

‘A masterly told story of a noble quest against fearsome challenges.’ Orsmby Review

‘A wonderful book! . . . a really remarkable combination of research, detective work, botanical expertise and imaginative writing.’ Fiona StaffordContinue Reading

Books in Development

The Forest Guide by Gabriel Hemery

The Forest Guides

I’ve started work on a major new work of non-fiction – The Forest Guide: the copses, woods, and forests of Britain. The project is likely to take many years to complete but will be split into a series of guidebooks covering different regions of Britain. The first in the series will feature Scotland to be published by Bloomsbury Wildlife in 2023.Continue Reading

Short Stories

A free Short Story for every month of 2020

Short Stories

I have had two collections of my own work published, while two of my short stories have been selected for anthologies. I’ve also had work shortlisted for an international short story competition. I occasionally give away free short stories to my regular readers. Sign up today!Continue Reading

Book Contributions

Stories of Trees, Woods, and the Forest

Stories of Trees, Woods, and the Forest

My short story The Man Who Harvested Trees (And Gifted Life), is included in this anthology published by Everyman’s Library (Penguin Random House).Continue Reading

Arboreal featuring Gabriel Hemery


My fictional short story ‘Don’t look back’ is included alongside those of dozens of other authors including: Richard Mabey, Germaine Greer, Ali Smith, Simon Armitage, Paul Kingsnorth, Paul Evans, Richard Skelton, Tobias Hill, Jay Griffiths, Peter Marren, Rob Penn, Madeleine Bunting, Kathleen Jamie, William Boyd, Tim Dee, Evie Wyld.Continue Reading

More about my writing and my books

I am passionate about the natural world. I believe that unless we can foster an affinity between people and nature, life as we know it is in peril. The written word has the power to transform the hearts and minds among every one of us, especially where it introduces new ways of thinking through the magic of imagination.

I’m proud to be a member of the Society of Authors which campaigns for the rights of authors. The SOA speaks out for the profession as a whole, promoting authors’ interests through campaigning, lobbying, negotiation and representation. It voices concerns about authors’ rights, the publishing and creative industries and wider cultural matters.  

I enjoy publishing through a number of routes. I have worked with a traditional publisher, and previously been represented by an agent. I’m a proud a member of The Alliance of Independent Authors.

The Alliance of Independent Authors – AuthorMember

I use the brilliant Scrivener to prepare my book manuscripts. Hands-down, it is the best software for preparing long and complex documents. It does everything you need as an writer and overcomes all the shortcomings of MS Word. If you click on this link and decide to download Scrivener, I will earn a small commission.

Visit the Literature and Latte website do find out more. By using this link you will help me by earning me a small commission if you purchase the product.

My first book, The New Sylva, was published by Bloomsbury in April 2014. Thanks to the stunning drawings by co-author Sarah Simblet, supported by fantastic production quality, the book was well-received and has reached a wide audience. It was released originally in the UK, and later by Bloomsbury USA. The rights have been sold for its translation for the Chinese market. A new compact edition of The New Sylva was published in 2021.

I am currently working on a major non-fiction project – The Forest Guide. Ultimately the three-book series will offer a practical guide to more than 1,000 forests and woods across Britain.

My first novel was a work of biographical fiction: Green Gold: The Epic True Story of Victorian Plant Hunter John Jeffrey. In 2022, my latest novel The Wolf, The Walnut and The Woodsman was published.

In 2020, I set myself a target of writing a new story every month during the year, releasing each as a free story to my regular readers (sign up here). My first collection of short stories Tall Trees Short Stories Vol.20 was published in 2020. In 2021, my second collection of environmental tales was published: Tall Trees Short Stories Vol.21. In 2020, one of my unpublished stories was shortlisted from among 2,000 entries for the international Nobrow Short Story Competition. In 2016, my short story Don’t Look Back was published in a collection of woodland stories in the Arboreal anthology (Little Toller Books). Another of my short stories was included in an anthology on tree fiction published by Everyman’s Library in 2021: Stories of Trees, Woods, and the Forest.

Read the latest news about my books.

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