The Jeffrey pine (Pinus jeffreyi) was discovered by Scottish plant hunter John Jeffrey in northern California in 1852. Jeffrey is the protagonist in my latest book GREEN GOLD.

The photos below are of a Jeffrey pine cone from the Carpological Collection at Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE). This amazing cone was collected in 1952 in California and measures 15.5cm in height. It was tracked down by artist Nicola Macartney who is following, in her own way, the footsteps of John Jeffrey. She has been doing her own plant hunting over the last few weeks – looking for plant material of specimens associated with him.

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Nicola’s life-size drawing of the cone, made in pen and ink on Bristol board, captures the intricate structures in these giant cones, and from underneath the beautiful Fibonacci spiral in the cones bracts.

Nicola Macartney and I are working together with the aim of holding an exhibition at RBGE during 2018 to celebrate the life of the botanical collector. The exhibition is dependent on GREEN GOLD being successfully funded, so fingers crossed!

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With thanks to Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.


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