I am really grateful to the Native Plant Society of Oregon for taking real interest in my latest book GREEN GOLD. The society ran an article on the front cover of their latest Bulletin – click on the cover below to download the entire excellent publication.

John Jeffrey , the plant hunter whose story is featured in GREEN GOLD, was first overseen by The Association for the promotion of arboriculture and horticulture of Scotland hosted by Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. It was later renamed the Oregon Botanical Association so it seems fitting that the NPSO is so supportive of the book.

Oregonians live in a US state that has exceptional beauty and natural diversity, ranging from alpine lava fields to coastal sand dunes. For nearly 50 years, members of the Native Plant Society of Oregon have been visiting the wild places of Oregon to enjoy, conserve, and study its natural vegetation. NPSO has a statewide network of 13 chapters and nearly 1,000 members. Read more about the Native Plant Society of Oregon.

John Jeffrey rediscovered‘ – Download the article from the Native Plant Society of Oregon, July 2017

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