Three-Book Bundle

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Three-book bundle of Green Gold, Tall Trees Short Stories Vol20, and Tall Trees Short Stories Vol21.
Paperback editions.
Signed by the author.


Take advantage of a great deal and buy three signed paperback books with an even greater discount.

Included in this bundle is Green Gold: The Epic True Story of Victorian Plant Hunter John Jeffrey, Tall Trees Short Stories Volume 20, and Tall Trees Short Stories Volume 21.

Tall Trees Short Stories Vol20

Let your imagination grow and prepare for a thrilling silvan adventure in this remarkable multi-genre collection of tree stories. Look out for love and loss, brace for dystopia and utopia, and jump forwards and backwards in time, but beware as you follow the path through the dark forest, nature can have a sting in its tale. Tall Trees Short Stories is a collection of more than 25 extraordinary tales exploring the natural world and our relationship with it, written by environmentalist and celebrated tree author Gabriel Hemery.

Tall Trees Short Stories Vol21

Following the success of the first collection, this second volume of short stories by tree author Gabriel Hemery, gifts us a rare view of nature. Whether from the heady heights of love or from the perspective of an intergalactic being, the book offers glimpses into the past, quirky perspectives of the present, and believable futures, which will take root in all readers.

Green Gold

Green Gold is a fictional biography combining meticulous research with the fictional narrative of plant hunter John Jeffrey’s lost journals, revealing an extraordinary adventure. In 1850 young Scottish plant hunter John Jeffrey is despatched by an elite group of Victorian subscribers to seek highly-prized exotic tree species in North America. An early letter home tells of a 1,200-mile transcontinental journey on foot. Later, tantalising botanical samples arrive from British Columbia, Oregon and California, yet early promise soon withers. Three and a half years after setting out, John Jeffrey disappears without a trace. Was he lost to love, violence or the Gold Rush?


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