Wishing all my readers a peaceful Christmas and a fruitful New Year Gabriel Hemery See more from this photo series on The Tree PhotographerContinue Reading

Sarah Simblet has been making the most of the cold weather, retreating indoors to illustrate some of nature’s tiny hidden wonders using a microscope. Exploring the collection of materials at the University of Oxford’s Herbarium, Sarah found a cross-section of a female cone from a Scots Pine Pinus sylvestris. TheContinue Reading

Elder and farm machinery HDR image

Trees are beautiful to the eye but their smell is often overlooked. I don’t mean the obvious showy flowering trees but the hidden olfactory wonders in leaf, bark and seed. Here are my favourite Fragrant trees, and some less popular Odiferous trees. Fragrant trees The fresh needles of the EuropeanContinue Reading

Several honeys are made from tree flowers including one species that is supposed to be wind-pollinated. Here’s a review of some of the most popular, and some less well known, tree honeys.Continue Reading