The Country Land & Business Association (CLA) published an article for its members this month, urging them to respond to the Forestry Panel’s questions relating to the future of forestry in England.

In the article Edward Barham, Chairman of the CLA’s Forestry and Woodlands Sub-Committee, said:

The panel is specifically asked to consider open access to all woodland.  Were this to be implemented it would make the problems that surrounded CROW [Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000] or the more recent Coastal Access seem like a picnic in the park.
Land & Business, July 2011, pp.17-18

This is a strongly-held alternative view to that expressed by the Ramblers; namely that all woodlands in England should be open access (read more).

CLA President William Worsley serves on the Forestry Panel as an individual, so the CLA are expected to make their own submission shortly.

Gabriel Hemery

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