Afterlife tool and spoke
Winter ash gale bend and yield
Oak a merest nod

Gabriel Hemery

During the recent winter gales in England I was inspired to write a Haiku poem. The amazing flexibility of the ash Fraxinus excelsior tree means that its wood is widely used in tool handles, sporting goods such as hockey sticks, and in the spokes of wooden wheels. In this short film made amidst a woodland gale, an ash tree waves and yields by amazing degrees in the gusting wind. Nearby (just visible distant far left) a stoic English oak Quercus robur tree hardly moves.

Gabriel Hemery


  1. I’ll vouch for the tool handles – last year I shaped a new ash handle for my adze.


  2. Lovely poem! Just to pick up on hockey sticks: this is sadly only now true for ice hockey sticks, we’ve abandoned ash in favour of composite materials in field hockey. They don’t feel or sound the same, but they have power…at least in the hands of better players than me!

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