Westmorland-Upon-Sea is a new short story completed for my forthcoming volume Tall Trees Short Stories Vol.20. Readers who sign up to my newsletter before the end of January can download the story for free (and access a new story every month afterwards) – details below.

“Westmorland-Upon-Sea is a place where mountain and sea meet as if by accident, where geological time was eroded in an instant by a natural cataclysm. So abrupt is their meeting there can be only one plausible explanation: long ago, a giant from the deep emerged from a fading Niflheim and with a single bite removed the whole peninsula.”

Westmorland-Upon-Sea, from Tall Trees Short Stories Vol20 (released 30th June 2020)

I wondered, lonely as a thorn
That clings on high o’er cliff and hill,
When upon an early morn,
I spied a flock of those who kill;
Across the prairie, deprived of trees,
Roving and slaying in the breeze.

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