Wild cherry and hawksbeard
Smooth hawksbeard (Crepis capillaris) shimmers on a windy day in a young plantation of wild cherry (Prunus avium). DMC-GF2, 90mm (180mm 35mm equiv), f22, 3.2 sec, ISO100, ND8 filter, tripod.

It’s always a challenge photographing flowers in a woodland. Very often you have to battle with low light conditions due to shade, so a tripod is essential. Being outdoors, the wind is often a problem in trying to capture the detail of flowers. In this case I made the most of a very windy day; when these yellow flowers were waving violently under the bright green canopy of young cherry trees.

I used a tripod for this three second exposure; using a ND8 filter reduced the light to allow the long exposure. I like the way that the tree stems slowly disappear into the flowers, almost as if into shimmering water.  Read more about Tree Photography.

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Gabriel Hemery

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  1. I love the minute shimmering and fleeting lights captured in this photo, needing a lot of patience from the observer and creating a lively dramatic effect! In the spirit ,it’s got something of the painter Douanier Rousseau ‘s touch at his earlier stage like in the famous “Surpris”- 1891 – , both naïve and finely detailed..

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