Common spotted orchid
Common spotted orchids in a young plantation woodland. DMC-GF2, 7mm (14mm equiv), f22, 1/10sec, ISO100.

This weekend I revisited a woodland plantation that I’d planted 19 years ago.  I was delighted to discover a coterie of common spotted orchids (Dactylorhiza fuchsii).  The sweet chestnut trees that I’d planted had been coppiced, as originally planned, and were accompanied by ‘volunteer’ silver birch.  The light shading canopy was obviously favouring ground flora including these beautiful orchids.

Gabriel Hemery

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  1. how nice! ..I experienced very recently the same sort of ravishing discovery while cycling along the reviving late summer time flora of my Provence country paths and spotting occasionnaly some new fragile and modest “volunteer”? sunflower bending lonely as a gift under North wind…. fearing alas it would be “emporté au vent mauvais” -as we say in french….

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