The authors are searching for the finest example of a common ash (Fraxinus excelsior) tree to feature in The New Sylva. We hope that our readers can help by submitting their favourite ash trees – one of which will be selected and appear in the book frontispiece. Following the outbreakContinue Reading

The authors are keen to include some drawings of the feathers of British woodland birds in The New Sylva. Can you help by providing a beautiful feather from a jay or tawny owl, a woodcock or perhaps a great spotted woodpecker? We are looking for the attractive feathers of oneContinue Reading

Calling all foresters, woodland owners and tree spotters! A good example of a Wild Cherry Prunus avium tree is wanted by the authors of The New Sylva to be featured as an illustration in the book. The tree must meet the following requirements to qualify as a candidate for a treeContinue Reading