In December we announced that we were hunting for a venerable ash to feature as the frontispiece for The New Sylva read more.

We’ve been overcome by the number of fantastic ash trees submitted by dozens of people across the country. Thank you to everyone who took part.

After reviewing all the photographs and accompanying information submitted we are delighted to announce the name of the person who submitted the chosen tree:

Katherine Owen

Katherine has a dream job as PAWS Development Officer for the Woodland Trust. The tree she submitted is growing in Herefordshire but for now we are not revealing it.

When the authors have visited the tree sometime in the next few weeks, we will add a post here, showing both the tree and the beginnings of Sarah’s drawing.

Thank you again to all those who helped. We are still looking for a jay feather and may yet have other opportunities to get involved in The New Sylva – see help wanted for the latest news.

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    Gabriel Hemery has decided to use a venerable ash tree for The New Sylva that our wonderful colleague Katherine Owen submitted.

    By now we all know the serious threat ash trees face. The Ancient Tree Hunt is working to monitor important ash trees on the database, record when they get the disease and how they cope. To help us understand how the disease will affect our precious ancient and veteran ash trees. Here is a link to a map showing the Ancient & veteran Ash distribution in the UK And here is another that takes you to the Ancient Tree Hunt database and information on all the individual ash trees recorded there

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