Calling all foresters, woodland owners and tree spotters! A good example of a Wild Cherry Prunus avium tree is wanted by the authors of The New Sylva to be featured as an illustration in the book.

The tree must meet the following requirements to qualify as a candidate for a tree portrait:

  • it needs to be growing in a woodland, or woodland edge (i.e. not a garden or park tree)
  • … yet be visible as a whole tree if possible.
  • we need to visit the tree before it is in leaf (ideally very soon, or otherwise winter 2012/13).
  • a mature tree is required (or at least 40cm dbh)
  • ideally we want a good-looking tree that illustrates the high value of cherry timber when the tree is straight and free from too many branches.
  • if it was located in southern England it would make our lives easier.

If you know of any possible candidates we would be delighted to hear from you – please contact us using the form below.

We will follow-up any offers of help directly (the form captures your email) and ask you to provide a grid reference or google map link (or similar), and later a photograph of the tree before we commit to visiting. We would need access to the tree, i.e. permission from the landowner if on private land. Any help will be gratefully acknowledged in The New Sylva book.

Gabriel Hemery & Sarah Simblet

Update 3rd April

The authors have now identified suitable wild cherry subjects for illustration; thanks to the generous support of the public. The contact form has been removed.

We hope that readers may be able to respond again in the future to our calls for Help Wanted.

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