The authors are keen to include some drawings of the feathers of British woodland birds in The New Sylva.

Feathers from British woodland birds: (left to right) great spotted woodpecker, tawny owl, jay.

Can you help by providing a beautiful feather from a jay or tawny owl, a woodcock or perhaps a great spotted woodpecker?

We are looking for the attractive feathers of one or two woodland birds. As the illustrations for The New Sylva are exclusively in black and white, we want to find feathers that have strong contrasting patterns. They need to be also from bird species that epitomise woodlands. The species shown in the photograph would all be suitable candidates but perhaps you have better ideas and more appropriate examples of British woodland bird feathers (but no pheasant feathers please!).

Sarah Simblet likes to work directly from real life rather than photographs. So we are looking for feathers that are in excellent condition that can be depicted by Sarah in one or more drawings for the book.

If you think you could help we would be delighted to hear from you. Please use the form below and tell us what you could send in. We would be pleased to refund your postage, can return the feather(s) if needed, and will gratefully acknowledge your help in The New Sylva book.

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  1. Thanks to one reader who has offered to send us the feathers from a Great Spotted Woodpecker that was killed by a Sparrowhawk in her garden. Feathers from other species would still be welcome by other readers.

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