Sponsor me in aid of tree research

I am taking part in the 2012 Ride for Research event at Reading in September to raise money to support tree research.

Sponsor Gabriel Hemery for the 2012 Ride for Research
Sponsor Gabriel Hemery for the 2012 Ride for Research

I would be very grateful for any donations – please visit my personal fundraising page. Fundraising is being undertaken through Virgin Money Giving and collected on behalf of the event by the Sylva Foundation.

I took part in the inaugural Ride for Research event in 2011, which raised £5500 towards research into oak tree health (read more). This year I will be riding through Reading City in September with other tree professionals, to raise more money to support tree research and to work with local communities to promote tree planting in their area.

I need to reach a target of at least £200.

Thank you!

Gabriel Hemery

Read more about Ride for Research

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