Bernwood ForestI was interviewed last month for the Living Planet programme on German international radio Deutsche Welle, which was broadcast today.

The topic for the interview was the UK Government’s proposals, which were dropped in an announcement earlier today, to sell publicly owned forests in England.  See more posts about this.

I met the journalist at Bernwood Forest; one of the few woodlands in Oxfordshire that is owned by the Forestry Commission.  Bernwood Forest is home to the rare black hairstreak butterfly, which feeds on the flowers of blackthorn, and one of only 45 colonies in Britain.  Of course there were no butterflies in evidence during my January visit but I intend to return when the adults will be on the wing: this is only between the end of June and mid July each year.

Listen to the Living Planet programme on the Deutsche Welle website

or click on the play button below:

Gabriel Hemery

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