What tree best represents your county? Have your say in an online survey.

A tree for every British county - click to take the survey
A tree for every British county – click to take the survey

I’m sure that we would all have different views as to what tree should represent a county. Some may be obvious, others more obscure:

  • the last of our mature English Elms to represent East Sussex
  • sweet apple for Herefordshire
  • rowan for Dyfed
  • Scots pine for Grampian
  • pear for Gloucestershire
  • Sitka spruce for Northumberland …?

Maybe these are too obvious, so why not have your say? I’ve created a simple online survey using Survey Monkey called A tree for every British county.

To keep it simple the survey allows users to select just one tree for a county at a time. Feel free to take part in the survey as many times as you wish, selecting a different county each time though please!

I have ideas for using the results in a couple of novel ways and will publish the results here of course. I’ll keep the survey open for a while with the hope that this will attract more interest.

Click here to take survey

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