I’ve long thought there’s a curious affinity between people with a ‘green’ passion, and an appreciation of music, cycling, books and cooking. My slightly unusual list of gifts follow this theme. I hope these help those looking for green gifts this Christmas.

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Wooden-frame bicycle

This is a high-end item to start with but for anyone who likes wood and cycling, this could be a dream come true. Renovo is a US make which specialise in bikes made from hardwoods. Drool away . . .


If a complete wooden bike is out of your budget don’t despair as there are other options on the theme. Search for wooden handlebars or mudguards for instance. If your dearest likes a challenge you could gift a make-at-home wooden bike frame kit from the Bamboo Bicycle Club (who also offer London-based making workshops).

Gift a book patronage

Unbound-notext-smallRegular readers will know I’ve written a new book, Green Gold, with publishers Unbound. It will be published when crowdfunding completes. Every Book Patron who pledges their support will see their name, or the name of a loved one, listed in its pages.

Making your loved one a Book Patron would be a very special gift for any bookworm with an interest in a historical novel involving adventure, nature, and perhaps (spoiler!) a little love. Find out more at: unbound.com/books/green-gold

As the book will not be published this year (2017) I’ve designed a FREE unique gift card so you can give something in physical form this Christmas. You can print it at home and complete it with the name of the Book Patron, and add your own special message on the back. Click here to access the card



A small (usually) wooden musical instrument used to play outdoors and at social occasions, especially accompanying dancing and capable of livening any festival. They fit easily in the hand and are very portable, more so than an accordion or bagpipes, and have a lovely resonant melodic tone. You can make your own, buy kits, attend a making course, or of course buy one readymade. This beautiful version called ‘Forest Whisper’ is available from Amazon.

Gift a tree with a difference

Gifting a tree is perhaps the ultimate green gift, as your love will leave a lasting legacy. Fortunately there many gift options available, from dedicating trees in woodlands (e.g. with Woodland Trust), to giving a tree for your loved one to plant in a place of their choosing.

But, have you considered combining a living plant with a culinary treat? Some trees and shrubs allow the gourmet summer truffle Tuber aestivum var. uncinatum to grow on their roots. In the case of a hazel, your loved one will be able to harvest not only its nuts but combine them with home-grown truffles. You may have to wait a while for that dinner invite but it will be worth it!

This hazel is sent direct to your door from a specialist grower. An oak option is also available.

If you would prefer a fruit tree, you could consider a walnut tree of you have a medium to large garden. Lara (read about walnut cultivars) is a particularly good modern cultivar – buy here.

For the fire

Fire colour cones

Woodburners have fuelled a resurgence in log fires in the home. Gifting a well-seasoned ash log would certainly warm your loved-ones toes but may seem a little too ‘out-of-the-box’. Check out these pine cones which emit beautiful colour flames as they burn. Boxed to make them easy to wrap and post. Available from Lakeland via Amazon

Looking for further inspiration? Here’s another list I published a few years ago. Meanwhile, please check out my new Shop

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