Today is World Forestry Day and activities are planned around the globe.  It’s actually the 30th anniversary: the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) declared March 21st World Forestry Day in 1971.  I provide a link above but it’s disappointing that the ‘day’ has a very low profile on the UN’s website, unlike the website dedicated to  2011 International Year of Forests.  There isn’t an official logo, let alone a website, for World Forestry Day.  Compare this with the UN’s World Water Day, which is tomorrow.

UN forests logoWorld Forestry Day is seen by the UN as an opportunity for people to learn about and reflect on the importance of forests in their day-to-day lives. This is important because forestry is often seen as being distant from everyday life.

To achieve the ambition of World Forestry Day let’s have some up-to-date marketing by the UN.  We could start by using the logo designed for the 2011 International Year of the Forests for future World Forest Days.  I think the logo is superb in the way it summarises the multiple benefits of forestry.

Afterall, forestry concerns mankind and our relationship with trees and forests.  Trees and forests provide materials for our society, clean the air and water, produce food and medicines, are homes for wildlife, create beautiful landscapes, are places to exercise and meditate, and they control planet earth’s climate.  At the centre of all this is man:- forestry is the union of man and trees.

Gabriel Hemery

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