GabrielHemery on ipadThere are now 18 million blogs hosted like mine by  Globally about  750,000 page views a day are now made by iPad visitors.  I’ve made the most of some great new features provided by WordPress that exploit the functionality of the iPad.  Let me know if you have viewed this on an iPad and how it works for you.

Gabriel Hemery


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    I have updated my theme recently. I think that it works particularly well on the ipad. My tree blog is presented in magazine style, with each post in distinct boxes.

    To browse the site, a simple sweep of the finger turns a’ page’, allowing easy browsing through older posts. This screen shot is of page 2; on June 11th 2011.

    I don’t own an ipad myself but when the web looks this attractive, it becomes tempting! If you’ve read my blog on an ipad I would like to hear what you thought.

    Gabriel Hemery

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