I am delighted to announce that I am working on a new book which will be published in November this year by Robinson Books (Little Brown Group).

THE TREE ALMANAC 2024: A Seasonal Guide to the Woodland World

A beautifully illustrated guide following the miraculous seasonal journey of trees, from bare branches to budbursts, the first leaves to the first blossom and the great autumn colour-change. Each month has a miscellany of practical content, scientific gems and cultural wonders for all to enjoy. The book includes recipes (elderflower champagne, pickled walnuts, spiced apple chutney), crafts (whistle whittling and making alder ink), curiosities to spot, tree care instructions, folk traditions and marvels from a variety of British trees and their surrounding habitats.

Editor Emma Smith commented:

I’m thrilled to be publishing a book that celebrates the majesty and importance of our trees, woods, and forests in such a beautiful, joyous way. Gabriel’s enthusiasm and expertise is infectious, and the book is full of fascinating delights; I can’t wait for readers to discover more of this glorious silvan world.

Emma Smith: Editorial Director, Robinson

Dr Gabriel Hemery is an author, tree photographer, and silvologist (forest scientist). He writes, lives, and breathes trees, and cofounded Sylva Foundation to help nurture a wood culture. Gabriel commented:

It is a privilege working with a publisher which understands the power of books in engaging readers in the wonders of the natural world in an intelligent and entertaining way. Not only that, but Robinson shares my passion for opening minds to the extraordinarily rich and important science, art, and culture of trees.

Gabriel Hemery: Author

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