Earlier this week the authors were invited to a final meeting with designers Grade Design in London. Two significant steps forward were made in visualising The New Sylva.

We inspected the dummy; a complete copy of the book made up in its final shape. Consisting of the same paper that will be used in the published book, and with a similar binding (quarter-bound and sewn in 12 page bundles), it provided a first real sense of The New Sylva book; how it will feel in the hand, open for reading and stand on a shelf. The book will consist of 400 pages measuring approximately 290x245mm and will be about 34mm in thickness.

Senior Editor Natalie Hunt unveiled, to huge anticipation, some cover designs. After  discussion and a few adjustments, a reworked final design was arrived at, that all the team were really pleased with. The next day it was approved by executives at Bloomsbury Publishing. We look forward to sharing the cover design with our blog readers as soon as we are able.


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