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Bloomsbury release selection of images on Facebook album

April 14, 2014

Gabriel Hemery

Bloomsbury Facebook album for The New Sylva

Bloomsbury Facebook album for The New Sylva – click to view

Final steps in the preparation of The New Sylva

December 12, 2013

Gabriel Hemery

The Editor's book shelf

The New Sylva dummy book on the Senior Editor’s book shelf at Bloomsbsury Publishing

This week Gabriel Hemery has been at Bloomsbury Publishing in London, going over the final proofreading markup. It was a great to see a dummy of the book, complete with a cover, on the book shelves of Senior Editor Natalie Bellos (nee Hunt) alongside other recently published Bloomsbury works.

A sampler has been produced, which is used to promote the book to the press, book reviewers and others. It includes a few selected sections from the book (Contents, To the Reader, Of the Willow, Of the Hazel, and The Authors), wrapped in the cover and printed at full scale. We hope to show you a copy here soon.

Meanwhile Sarah Simblet has been completing the last remaining drawings.  She will be soon meeting with reproduction specialists to oversee the precise printing specifications for every one of the 200 spreads (400 pages) to ensure that all the drawings are reproduced at the highest possible standard.

The decision has been made by Bloomsbury to print in Europe (Spain) rather than the Far East. This decision has meant that the deadline for going to print has been moved back from December to mid January, allowing more time to complete remaining tasks. The publication date remains 10th April 2014.

The New Sylva is listed by Bloomsbury Publishing

October 19, 2013

Gabriel Hemery

Bloomsbury Publishing

Bloomsbury Publishing have now listed The New Sylva on their website.

We can reveal for the first time the list price of £40.00. [UPDATE December 2013: the recommended retail price finally agreed is £50.00]

Launch date in the UK is 10th April 2014, while in the US the book will be available from July. The ISBN is 9781408835449.

Full details from Bloomsbury Publishing:

Published: 10-04-2014
Format: Hardback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 400pp.
ISBN: 9781408835449
Imprint: Bloomsbury Publishing
Dimensions: 290 x 245 mm
RRP: £tbc
Online price: £tbc

The New Sylva takes shape

October 5, 2013

Gabriel Hemery

Earlier this week the authors were invited to a final meeting with designers Grade Design in London. Two significant steps forward were made in visualising The New Sylva.

We inspected the dummy; a complete copy of the book made up in its final shape. Consisting of the same paper that will be used in the published book, and with a similar binding (quarter-bound and sewn in 12 page bundles), it provided a first real sense of The New Sylva book; how it will feel in the hand, open for reading and stand on a shelf. The book will consist of 400 pages measuring approximately 290x245mm and will be about 34mm in thickness.

Senior Editor Natalie Hunt unveiled, to huge anticipation, some cover designs. After  discussion and a few adjustments, a reworked final design was arrived at, that all the team were really pleased with. The next day it was approved by executives at Bloomsbury Publishing. We look forward to sharing the cover design with our blog readers as soon as we are able.

First sample chapters produced

June 8, 2013

Gabriel Hemery

Our deadline to complete copy editing is the end of June, so Gabriel Hemery has been working hard with the copy editor to finish on time. Meanwhile, the authors have also been working with the team at Bloomsbury Publishing to produce the first sample chapters. This is the first time that text and image have been fully combined so it was exciting for all the team to work on this.

The samples have been prepared in readiness for an approach to a VIP to write the foreword for The New Sylva. We can’t tell you more than this for now but meanwhile here’s a sneak preview of one of the pages:

The New Sylva sample

A sample page from The New Sylva

Publishing team meeting at Bloomsbury

May 4, 2013

Gabriel Hemery

The authors met the publishing team at Bloomsbury yesterday, including editorial, design, marketing, publicity and sales.

Discussing artwork for The New Sylva in the Board Room at Bloomsbury Publishing

Discussing artwork for The New Sylva in the Board Room at Bloomsbury. Right to left: Gabriel Hemery and Sarah Simblet (authors), Alice Shortland (Marketing), Inez Munsch (Sales), Pete Dawson (Design), Natalie Hunt (Editorial), Madeleine Feeney (Publicity), and Diana Kojik (Special Publications).

This was the first occasion that the authors had met the whole team. It was a milestone in the book’s development as it signified that from now on all of us will be working very closely to turn what has been a book project into a published book

We are working to a timetable dictated by the publication date of April 2014. Gabriel is working currently on the manuscript with the Copy Editor, with a deadline of the end of June. From July the text will be ready to be used to create the first graphically designed layout of the whole book. Meanwhile the drawings will continue to be worked on; Sarah has a deadline of October to complete the last of the drawings. The book will be sent to the printers in November. Planning for sales and marketing is now underway, and we hope to be able to say more soon about some exciting ideas for activities planned during 2014.

Sarah Simblet talking about her drawing of the hazel coppice stool to the Publishing Team

Sarah Simblet talking about her drawing of a hazel coppice stool to the Publishing Team

Sarah Simblet talking about her drawing of giant redwood trees to the Publishing Team

Sarah Simblet talking about her drawing of giant redwood trees to the Publishing Team

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