one photograph, every day, for 365 days

I’m excited to have launched Project365. From March 2024 to February 2025 I will be capturing and publishing one photograph, every day, for 365 days.

Project365 by Gabriel Hemery
Project365 by Gabriel Hemery

This is a personal challenge designed to stretch my skills and experience as a photographer.

As a tree and nature photographer, I expect most of my images to be on these familiar genres, but I am sure that I’ll also capture images on alternative themes. I am sure there’ll be times when inspiration may seem far away and creativity remain elusive. Without doubt, there will be days when weather and circumstances conspire to make capturing a shareable image a significant challenge. Yet such hurdles are the whole point of the exercise, alongside the discipline that will be needed simply to keep going. I will not ‘cheat’ by using an image from another day, and I aim to not miss a single day for 365 days, for an entire year.

I hope the personal rewards will outweigh any difficulties, not least in capturing an exciting collection of images which readers will enjoy.

I’ve created a dedicated website to host the images which I will organise into pages, one for each month.

I will be making a film at the end of the project which will feature all 365 images. Also a limited collector’s edition photozine for the project which is available to pre-order now.

Find out more and enjoy my daily photographs by visiting

Today is DAY 48 in Project365.

Project365 Photozine


A limited edition collector’s Photozine featuring 365 photographs taken between 1st March 2024 and 28th February 2025. Limited to 365 copies. Printed on quality 150gsm silk paper. 28 pages. Size A4. Personally numbered and signed by Gabriel Hemery, and embossed for authenticity. Available to pre-order today. Delivery March-April 2025.Continue Reading

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