I’m pleased to have completed Month 1 of the 365-day challenge to capture and publish an original photograph every day, for 365 days.

I admit that it has sometimes been a real challenge, but that’s exactly what I wanted when I came up with the idea in the first place. I knew there would be days when the conditions would be difficult, the location perhaps uninspiring, or simply just difficult to find the time to take and edit a decent image.

It has been one of the wettest months on record in southern England, and the skies have often been a leaden grey. Conditions have helped me to observe the ordinary with a new perspective, to experiment with monochrome, to explore macro and play with abstract imagery. I hope you enjoy the first 31 images shown here in a short video.

Month 1 of Project365

Venues were mostly various locations near my home in Oxfordshire in England, plus a few visits to woodlands elsewhere and an evening spent in London.

Most of the images were captured with my Leica Q3, and a couple with my Hassleblad X2D.

Visit my new webpage for the project. There you’ll find higher resolution images organised into monthly galleries.

Project365 Photozine


A limited edition collector’s Photozine featuring 365 photographs taken between 1st March 2024 and 28th February 2025. Limited to 365 copies. Printed on quality 150gsm silk paper. 28 pages. Size A4. Personally numbered and signed by Gabriel Hemery, and embossed for authenticity. Available to pre-order today. Delivery March-April 2025.Continue Reading

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