I always say to myself, “don’t forget the camera“. You never know when you may come across a great landscape scene, newsworthy event, or chance upon something really photogenic. Today was one of those frantic mornings – getting the kids ready for school and dashing off for work – and of course I forgot my camera.  It turned out to be a stunning morning in rural Oxfordshire. A heavy ground mist clung to the rolling hills and sunk to the languid and frigid River Thames, despite the winter sun burning brightly.

As I was kicking myself I remembered the phone in my pocket. Now, I’m not a great phone camera fan but when needs must…  So with my iPhone 3GS, which has a 3.2mp camera, I parked the car and took a quick walk across a meadow down to the river. I tried to compose the shots carefully to make the most of the low angle of the sun. For one shot of a solitary pine tree I used the tree’s shadow to lead the eye into the shot, while using the tree’s canopy to carefully reduce the amount of flare from the sun.

Back at base I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the images. They’re not scalable for printing in large sizes but they captured the beauty of this December morning perfectly. I may remain a bit of a camera snob but next time I may not be so distraught when I leave my camera behind … as long as I remember my phone!

Gabriel Hemery

Here are some of the shots taken with my iPhone

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