While I was writing Green Gold I was inspired by many wonderful books about botany, exploration, the history and nature of North America, plant hunters, and more.

Some of the books in my list inspired by Green Gold

I listed many of these references in the back of Green Gold. Some of them were quite old books or articles, and are now difficult to get hold of. Others are modern and easy to access. I’ve created a reading list on Amazon which I thought readers might enjoy browsing. All of the books in this list were inspired by the plot and stories within Green Gold.

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Further Reading from Green Gold

Anderson, A. C. (1872). ‘The Dominion at the West: A Brief Description of the Province of British Columbia, its Climate and Resources.’ The Government Prize Essay, 1872.

Anderson, J. R. (1925). Trees and Shrubs: Food, Medicinal, and Poisonous Plants of British Columbia. British Columbia Department of Education.

Anderson, N. (2011). The Pathfinder: A. C. Anderson’s Journeys in the West. Heritage House Publishing.

Coville, F. V. (1897). ‘The Itinerary of John Jeffrey, an Early Botanical Explorer of Western North America.’ Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, 11, 57–60. http://biodiversitylibrary.org/page/2263238

Johnstone, T. J. (1939). ‘John Jeffrey and the Oregon Expedition.’ Notes from the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, 20: 1–53.

Lang, F. A. (2006). ‘John Jeffrey in the Wild West: Speculations on his Life and Times (1828-1854?).’ Kalmiopsis, 13: 1–12. http://npsoregon.org/kalmiopsis/kalmiopsis13/lang.pdf

Lange, E. F. (1967). ‘John Jeffrey and the Oregon Botanical Expedition.’ Oregon Historical Quarterly. 68, 2: 111–24. http://www.jstor.org/stable/20612972.

Lindsay, A. (2008). Seeds of Blood and Beauty: Scottish Plant Explorers. Birlinn Limited.

Morse, W. W. (1969). Fur Trade Canoe Routes of Canada/Then and Now. University of Toronto Press.

Woods, P. and Woods, J. (2003). ‘The Oregon Expedition 1850–1854: John Jeffrey and his Conifers.’ Acta Horticulturae. 615, 289–295. DOI: 10.17660.

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