For a limited remaining time, anyone pre-ordering a copy of Green Gold will have their name printed as a Subscriber in the book.  You can provide the name of a loved one instead.

Green Gold gift card

Green Gold will be published in spring 2019. So that you can give something physical to a loved one, I’ve designed a special gift card that you can download to print at home. Sized in DL format (A4 paper in width but 1/3 in height), it will be easy to pop into an envelope after filling in the details and adding a personal message.

Gift a book patronage this Christmas for a truly unique present
Gift a book patronage this Christmas for a truly unique present

Naming your Giftee

Luckily it’s quite easy to gift the Patronage of Green Gold to a loved one so that their name will appear correctly in the book.

  1. Once you’ve created an account on the Unbound website, go ahead and purchase the book.
  2. Navigate to your list of ‘Supported Projects‘.
  3. Look for Green Gold and for the ‘. . .’ dots on the far right of the pledge details.
  4. Click on the ‘. . .’ and in the small box which appears below select ‘Update the name in the back‘ option, and follow instructions.

And finally

Remember that if you choose a higher pledge level, your giftee may receive a range of additional unusual offerings, including an invitation to the book launch, a pack of seeds, their name in the front of the book, a limited edition botanical print, or even a dedication on the frontispiece. Find out more at

Visit the book page on the Unbound website:


  1. Gabriel,

    What a wonderful idea and congratulations on the upcoming book! We’re involved in the future forest scheme at Sylva and always looking for more ways to be involved (limited as we are from our location in SW London). When is the book launch?
    Our very best regards,

    Jeff Collins (and family)

    1. Author

      Thanks Jeff – the book publication date has been set for 18th April. The exhibition at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh opens 27th April.

      P.S. Please note that this is a personal project, and not linked to my work at Sylva.

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