My research is progressing well for The Forest Book. Thanks to a growing number of organisations who own and manage woodlands across Britain, I now have a database of some 10,000 woodlands to consider for inclusion in the book. These appear as red dots in the image below, where they overlay a map of woodland cover across Britain which I produced using the freely available National Forest Inventory using GIS.

It’s great to have this database, but I remain really keen to receive more contributions from private woodland owners. I believe what makes this project unique is its aim to celebrate the thousands of woodlands owned by individuals. What’s the history of the wood, what inspired you to become a woodland owner, what are the special features of the forest, what are your hopes and fears for its future, do you welcome visitors or support education, and more?

Read more and find out how to Register here

Register in The Forest Guide
This form is designed to collect registrations of copses, woods, and forests directly by their owners or managers for inclusion in The Forest Guide.

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