A new Green Gold subscriber reward  has been released: a special, limited edition, botanical print of the Jeffrey Pine.

Thanks to a collaboration with botanical artist Nicola Macartney, with links to Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, we are able to offer 100 readers the chance to own a print of Nicola’s latest work, depicting the Jeffrey pine (Pinus jeffreyi ). The species was discovered and collected by the protagonist in Green Gold, John Jeffrey, in 1852.

Nicola Macartney at work on the botanical print of Jeffrey Pine
Nicola Macartney at work on the botanical painting of Jeffrey Pine

From £90: 1st edition paperback, ebook edition and a limited edition (out of only 100) botanical print of a Jeffrey Pine by Nicola Macartney www.nicolamacartney.com.

Find out more at www.unbound.com/books/green-gold

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