The authors have started detailing the contents of The New Sylva.

The New Sylva book planning underway. Sarah Simblet presents some early page layout ideas at her studio.

An important part of this work is presenting initial ideas for layout; both of the text and the illustrations.

The New Sylva will be lavishly illustrated with over 100 stunning pen and ink drawings made by Sarah Simblet especially for the book.

Sarah’s amazing talent enables her to sketch ‘rough images’ in just seconds, and these are being used to plan the shape and contents of the book. In the photo, as they did in the studio, they  appear as finished drawings; such is her ability to capture life form. The studio wall is now covered completely in these images. Seeing the future book in this way helps to bring the concept to reality.

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  1. Very worthwhile project and super way to combine science and art 🙂 will be checking in on progress (art degree student and long time tree lover!)

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