I wrote an epic poem within my new novel The Wolf, The Walnut and The Woodsman. The poem is titled the Legend of Parousia.

I’ve recorded an extract of the poem and published it on YouTube.

My reading of The Legend of Parousia, from: The Wolf, The Walnut and The Woodsman

Without giving too much away, the extract below (and the longer recording) features only a small part of the 800+ word epic poem.

The Legend of Parousia should be read aloud with gusto, as a troubadour might in a moonlit forest clearing while her listeners gather among the shadowed tree boles. Over to you …

An extract from The Legend of Parousia

What! A tale of a time || From troubadours of yore
When working woods || Were wooed in whispers
In tongues a tenon deep || Sung in respectful timbre
By a wisdom woven in nature || Nurturing a home of wild
While bavins baked || And ships sailed on bended knee
The woodsman wielded his axe || Breathing life to the world
Yet as sun and moon sauntered || Ignorant in celestial solitude
Unbeknown a fracture formed || And beneath it, a foulness
A shadow of shade || A darkness in the shallows
Its cryptic camouflage || Found the nightjar kipping
Unseen by tawny owl to tell || Or even tiny pipistrelle
By lurking under root and limb || Girding its fearsome loins
Preparing an evil power || Making its vile plans
Came the one whose name we quietly swear || That diavol ...

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