I enjoy the subjects provided by the Weekly photo challenge.  This week I’ve cheated, just a little, as the theme is Sunset and I have posted instead a sunrise. I like this photo so I thought I could get away with posting it.

While on holiday in France in July, I woke up very early one morning and, leaving the family still sleeping in their beds, climbed to the nearest peak. The Cevennes mountains are very wooded, and so often the views are limited unless you are in a clearing or at the very top of a hill. I found a viewpoint with great views across the stunning wooded hills in the pink of dawn (see another photo I took that morning but looking West). I waited patiently as the red glow increased in the East and took many photos as the sun appeared as a glowing giant ball behind the wooded ridge. You can see why photographers refer to this time of day as the magic hour.

Sunrise in the Cevennes
Sunrise in the Cevennes, France. DMC-GF2, 200mm (400mm 35mm equivalent), f11, 1/250 sec, ISO100, tripod.

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