I have been working professionally for 18 years this year.  When this dawned on me I was surprised!  As my career continues to develop I find that it is widening beyond my core work as a forestry scientist, and I am interacting more and more with people from completely different walks of life.

The power of the web is wonderful yet sometimes daunting as you realise how much about yourself is visible to everyone.  Hundreds of accurate results are returned for a search for my name in Google but the information is scattered amongst numerous different websites depending of the activity featured.

I have created this weblog to celebrate reaching 18 years working as a forester, and to provide an accurate and single point source for those interested in my career and activities.

My thinking is that from time to time I will add news about major initiatives and write feature articles about previously unpublished work.  I will also be able to tell some of the interesting stories behind my research activities, that otherwise are buried in scientific publications.

Gabriel Hemery

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