BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking: Wood and Trees – War and Remembrance

I joined Paul Gough and Gail Ritchie to discuss the meaning of trees and wood in war and peacetime for BBC Radio 3’s Free Thinking. Read More


Public attitudes to trees and wood – survey results

I conducted a small online survey concerning public attitudes to trees and wood over the Christmas period (December 2011 – January 2012). I collected 83 responses to the survey, which I designed using Survey Monkey. I am the first to admit that the survey had some shortcomings in design, in that my lack of understanding… Read More

Biochar explained

Biochar was one of those terms that when first heard left me none-the-wiser. You mean it’s charcoal but with a different name – why’s that? You bury it – that seems a waste, why not burn it? In case it’s a new term to you, here’s a brief overview of biochar. Biochar – what is… Read More

Sandalwood – fragrant finery

Sandalwood Santalum album L., commonly known as East Indian Sandalwood or Chandan, is a small tropical tree highly prized for its wood and scented oil. Its wonderful fragrant oil is used in perfumes, toiletries and incense. It is a fascinating tree in many ways. Sandalwood: the tree and its cultivation Sandalwood is found throughout India,… Read More