The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane

2017 has been a year with rich foraging for those with an interest in tree and nature books. In my shortlist, titles include The Lost Words, The Hidden Life of Trees, Oak and Ash and Thorn, and many more beautiful and inspiring books besides. Please note, this post contains affiliateContinue Reading

Trees in our streets improve air quality, provide beneficial micro-climate, enhance property values and aesthetics, attenuate storm water, conserve energy, reduce noise pollution, provide wildlife habitat, and have a positive effect on physical and mental human health. There’s no denying that trees can cause problems in the built environment. TheirContinue Reading

In the Netherlands forestry is undetaken by the Forestry and Wildlife Service Staatsbosbeheer: managing 250,000 hectares of land for sixteen million Dutch people. It provides some interesting comparisons to the UK where forestry governance is in the spotlight.Continue Reading