Next time you crunch or squelch through a rich leaf litter under trees, stop and get your eyes down to the forest floor. Carefully tease apart the rotting leaves, twigs and decaying branches and you may be lucky enough to see some fungal or mycelial cords. Quite a number ofContinue Reading

Many people are interested in how big a tree’s crown will grow. It can be important in planning gardens, managing street trees, forest silviculture and in assessing the health of ancient trees. Estimating tree height is very imprecise as it is dependent on so many different factors.  However, I wroteContinue Reading

Thanks to the amazing tools from Google Translate, I now offer built-in automatic translation of in no less than 37 languages; from Albanian to Welsh.  I hope that this broadens the international readership of my blog by appealing to more non-native English speakers.  If I’ve missed a language pleaseContinue Reading