European Forest Week – let’s celebrate

Europe’s forests are thriving—make the smart choice and use them responsibly—so says the Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations. Read More


European bioeconomy and the forest sector

“Without innovation and collaboration, food use will eat the bioeconomy before it is born”. The forest sector has a very important role in the emerging bioeconomy of Europe. Here are some examples of the technologies … Read More

More forest plantations less green fuzz

Planting more of the same ‘native woodlands’ that now litter the English countryside with little more ambition in their creation and management than a membership publicity drive or community engagement excercise, will be regretted long after the PR-masters behind them have past. In their own way, these are as regrettable as the dark satanic rows of conifers that were planted sixty years ago.
If we continue to plant green fuzz across our food-producing fields, with little concern either for the impending need to be more self-sufficient in food production, or for the need to reduce our enormous reliance on timber imports, Britain’s environmental credibility will be increasingly undermined. Read More

Securing healthy sustainably managed forests across Europe

Securing healthy, sustainably managed forests in the light of climate change and its severe consequences is one of the biggest challenges we have to solve in Europe and globally. This is the headline from the Forest Europe Ministerial Conference that opened today, hosted by Norway. The fact that Europe’s forests are increasing represents a huge… Read More