Gabriel Hemery talks to Lauren Lavern on BBC6 Music

I enjoyed talking trees with Lauren Laverne on BBC Radio 6 Music this morning. I was invited to take part in the show’s ‘6th Form’ segment which invites experts in to talk about their specialist subject. Our discussions helped celebrate the advent of National Tree Week, and also marked theContinue Reading

“Seek out gaps, as these offer opportunities for creativity”, said Hilary Mantel in her BBC Reith Lecture. I recognise this as the element which drew me towards my first biographical fiction novel. I hope botanists don’t rattle their vasculums, nor prospectors clatter their pans, in protest at my own version of history when they get their hands on GREEN GOLD.Continue Reading

Listen to the story of Evelyn’s Sylva and The New Sylva on the BBC’s Farming Today programme (11th April 2014): Piece runs between approx 3:50 and 7:10 mins.Continue Reading

Today is April Fool’s Day. Perhaps the most famous April Fool’s Day hoax of all time involved trees.  Viewers of a BBC Panorama programme in 1957 were told that due to a combination of favourable growing conditions and a fall in the population of the spaghetti weevil, there was aContinue Reading