Join me as I talk with Sharon, host of the Tree Lady Talks podcast, as we discuss a wondrous seasonal journey through Britain and Ireland’s trees in my new book, The Tree Almanac 2024.

This is a Christmas Tree Special! What is better for the environment, a real or plastic tree? What is your Celtic Tree Zodiac? What terms can we bring back to use? All this, with poetry, science and the history of our Christmas decorations.

Sharon also interviews Christmas tree grower Andrew Ingram from The Tree Barn at Christmas Common, in the Chilterns.

Sarah Dodd, Tree Law Tree Lady Talks

Send us a Text Message.Sarah Dodd, the Tree Hugging Lawyer, discusses various legal aspects related to trees, including neighboring tree disputes, subsidence, and tree preservation orders. She explains the legal rights and responsibilities of tree owners and neighboring landowners, as well as the potential for civil litigation in cases of tree damage. Sarah also highlights the importance of proper investigations and alternative solutions to tree removal. She discusses the complexities of tree preservation orders and the role of local authorities in protecting trees. Overall, the conversation provides valuable insights into the legal considerations surrounding trees. The conversation explores the subjectivity of tree preservation orders (TPOs) and the challenges faced by planning authorities in enforcing them. It highlights the importance of reasonability assessments and the potential penalties for unauthorized work on protected trees. The conversation also touches on the role of biodiversity net gain in protecting trees from developers and the responsibilities of landowners under the Occupiers Liability Acts. The discussion concludes with a mention of the upcoming Tree Law Conference and the potential future legal rights of trees. For more episodes in the Tree Lady Talks Archive click here.
  1. Sarah Dodd, Tree Law
  2. Julian Forbes-Laird
  3. Christine Figgener – My Life With Sea Turtles
  4. Nadina Galle – The Nature of Our Cities
  5. Silvija Krajter Ostoic Croatian Forest Social Science

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The Tree Almanac 2024

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A wondrous seasonal journey through Britain and Ireland’s trees. Hardback. Signed copy by the author. ‘A seductive mix of science, history and culture’ – Tracy ChevalierContinue Reading

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