I have received the astounding news that I’ve been honoured by Woodland Heritage this year to receive the Peter Savill Award jointly with Professor Julian Evans, for making a significant contribution to the British Forest Industry.

Regular readers will know that I had a close working relationship with Dr Peter Savill, Oxford University lecturer, silviculturist, and author who sadly died last year (read more).

I am humbled and hugely honoured by the award. My thoughts go instantly to Peter who I hope would have approved. As my academic supervisor during my DPhil research at Oxford University he supported me through three of the most exhilarating, expansive, and challenging years of my life. Ever since, it was a great privilege working closely alongside him as my career developed and we worked together on projects, research, and establishing the Sylva Foundation.

My thanks to the trustees of Woodland Heritage.

Woodland Heritage
Woodland Heritage


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